North Cell Pharmaceutical is a private Biotech in Flemington, New Jersey that specializes in Patented next generation, faster/better healing technology for Skincare and Post Laser Aftercare products, Pet Products, as well as an Rx Drug Pipeline for Eczema, Topical Melanoma, and Injectables for Inoperable Tumors.

SRF® (Skin Resuscitation Factor®) is specifically developed by leading dermatologists to promote rapid healing of damaged skin, and reduce inflammation, redness, dryness, heat, swelling, and promote coolness. Results based on (10) USA Human Clinical Studies.

Fourteen Clinical Studies were completed on damaged skin including dry cracked skin, laser treated skin and infected wounds. As an example, twelve of the blinded studies were conducted by David McDaniel, MD. the original researcher on the use of lasers to treat skin.

Experience Counts

Dr. Alain Martin (Rutgers Graduate – Robert Wood Johnson Ph.D – also has multiple Masters Degrees including Genetics invented Advanced Neosporin, Neosporin Cold Sore Treatment, Advanced Therapy Lubriderm, Rx Rezulin (Rx Drug for Type II Diabetes), Topical Skin and Melanoma Lotions, Injectables for treating Inoperable Tumors, Tattoo Renewal formula, Cool Mint Listerine, plus an FDA approved medium for lung and heart transplantation. 

He also created EmphyCorp Worldwide Drug Patented N115 Nasal Spray for Respiratory, COVID-19, and Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatments with (10) Drugs that have completed Phase II or Phase III Clinical Trials.

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