Le Dog®

a Breakthrough Product for Pets

Le Dog product imageFrom the Inventor of Advanced Neosporin, Lubriderm, Listerine Cool Mint, and N115 Nasal Sprays has created the first of its kind, patent pending medicinal Anti-Anxiety Product for Pets.

The Le Dog product represents the first time that a clinically proven medicinal blend of safe, specific patented natural ingredients in combination with essential oils will be applied directly into the nasal cavity of the animal via delivery systems including aerosol and/or nasal spray.

How it works: 

The enhancement and increase of the synthesis of brain Serotonin levels in the Pet reduces anxiety.

The down-regulating of in-vivo levels of inflammatory cytokines in the nasal cavities of Pets.

Additionally, through the addition of antioxidants, the formula serves to reduce the inflammation within the animal’s nasal cavity, thereby allowing the product and essential oils to work more effectively.

In addition to household Pets such as Cats and Dogs (both feral and non-feral), Le Dog could also be used to reduce anxiety in non-human mammals such as farm animals, racehorses, including both temporarily captured or wild.