Worldwide Patented Phase III Ready Rx Injectable for Inoperable Tumors AND Topical Application for Melanoma with Skin Resuscitation Factor® (SRF®)   

SRF® (Skin Resuscitation Factor®)

  • SRF® Increases the synthesis of Nitric Oxide at Tumor Sites that is needed to kill tumors
  • SRF® Reduces Hypoxemia at Tumor sites, making Tumors more susceptible to destruction by cancer drugs, while protecting normal cells
  • In both Tissue Culture Studies and in Numerous Human Clinical Trials, for both the Topical and Injectable version.
  • SRF® enhanced the Killing and Shrinkage of Tumors in 11 Patients with Various Cancers and all Eleven were still Cancer Free after 5 years 
  • SRF Reduced the Side Effects of Cancer Drugs
  • SRF Enhances the Effect of Cancer Drugs and Immuno-stimulators

Manufactured in the United States

Worldwide Patents and New Drug Patents Pending – Phase III Ready