Worldwide Patented OTC Drug-Free Post Laser Aftercare Skin Resuscitation Factor® (SRF®) Lotion with a Cooling Gel for Pain

drug-free post laser cooling gelSRF® (Skin Resuscitation Factor®) Laser is drug free and is specifically developed by leading dermatologists to promote rapid healing of damaged skin, including wounds, burns, and decubitus ulcers. 

SRF® helps prevent infection and reduces inflammation, redness, swelling, and promotes coolness following Laser Treatments. 

Based on human clinical studies SRF® heals 2-3 days faster than other Sterile Dressings or Post Laser Treatments without SRF®.

Results based on (10) USA Human Clinical Studies.

  • New OTC Post Laser Aftercare Bottle Pump with Skin Resuscitation Factor™ (SRF®) is available in Office & Fancy Patient Size 
  • Non-Irritating to mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth)
  • Cools the treated area and helps relieve pain 
  • Minimal Evaporation – No Excessive Cooling
  • Covers and Protects Laser Treated Injuries – Helps prevent contamination
  • Clinically proven to Heal 2 to 3 Days Faster than other Post Laser Aftercare Treatments
  • SRF Laser Lotion is easy to apply, especially when adding a thin face mask. 
  • Providers, Nurses, and Patients (for continued home treatment) have found SRF Laser easy to apply anywhere on the body. 
  • Water-based, water-soluble gel rinses off quickly with water or saline.

USE:  Drug Free Post Laser Aftercare Treatment to cool the treated area and help relieve pain, while helping increase the healing process by 2-3 days and less chance of scarring.

Manufactured in the United States

Available for sale by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Spas, and Sports