Worldwide Patented Newly Enhanced All-Natural OTC Fresh Ink®Tattoo Enhancing Moisturizer

All-Natural OTC Fresh Ink with SRF®, a Patented antioxidant formula clinically shown to enhance the appearance of tattoos in as little as two weeks. Protect your investment. 

Fresh Ink with SRF® (Skin Resuscitation Factor®) is specifically developed by leading dermatologists to rejuvenate aged skin with tattoos

  • New Enhanced OTC Tattoo Enhancing Moisturizer with Skin Resuscitation Factor® (SRF®
  • A unique topical lotion for enhancing the appearance of Tattoos in as little as 2 weeks 
    • Improves skin elasticity and appearance
    • Improves the tattoo appearance and colors

USE: To enhance the appearance of an old Tattoo and help keep new ones keep looking good

Manufactured in the United States

Immediately Available for sale by Retailers & Physicians (especially Dermatologists)