Several Antifungals with SRF®

Worldwide Patented Skin Resuscitation Factor® (SRF®) Topical anti-fungal(s) for athlete’s foot, Antiviral cold sore products, and Anti-infective wound products

  • skin resucitation factor before and after imageSRF® Enhances nitric oxide synthesis to rapidly kill viral, fungal and bacterial infections when used with antiviral agents, antifungal agents and antibiotics. Nitric Oxide also enhance angiogenesis, cell proliferation, matrix deposition, collagen synthesis and pigmentation. 
  • SRF® Decreases healing times for cold sores. 
  • SRF® is also a skin moisturizer 
  • SRF® minimizes the appearance of scars and inhibits keloid formation 

III. In Vivo Wound Healing SRF® Study 2

A = Triple antibiotic only

B = SRF® + triple antibiotic